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Oranje Safari, The Safari Expert ! Safaris to Kenya !

Ndovu Kenia Safari 4 days with driver Yusuf Mundia

We are Marco & Linda and booked a 4-day Ndovu Kenya Safari with Oranje Safari last week. This was a truly fantastic experience. We booked this Safari partly because the offering is very diverse and wide, and because the owner Harry Kisamwa speaks Dutch because this great man studied in the Netherlands. We contacted Harry before our trip to ask some questions and discuss our wishes and these were answered very politely and quickly, which gave us a lot of confidence. Harry personally comes to meet his customers prior to the Safari, which is very professional. We were picked up early in the morning by Yusuf Mundia, a very friendly, good English-speaking driver and guide. This man certainly deserves a compliment, his knowledge about the environment and the animals is very extensive and he likes to share. We were able to experience 4 fantastic days with this man. We visited the Tsavo East, Amboseli National Park and Taita Hills parks, a very beautiful experience. We opted for the premium package, which is very luxurious and well taken care of, but that is up to everyone to decide for themselves. We also received a very friendly welcome at the various Lodges (Ashnil Lodge, Oltukai Lodge, Saltlick Lodge) where we spent the night and enjoyed delicious food and drinks, and the rooms were once again well cared for. In the evening we enjoyed a campfire and the impressive starry sky. So if you want to book an unforgettable Safari in Kenya, book with Oranje Safari. Harry Kisamwa & Yusuf Mundia, thank you for this unforgettable experience! Hakuna Matata.
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